Working Capital

Operating a business, no matter the size, requires working capital. Ironwood Finance specializes in providing working capital financing and loans to businesses, ranging from small to medium-sized companies. Working capital financing is an outstanding option to obtain a speedy influx of funds to expand and grow your business.

Working Capital Loans

Ironwood Finance understands that speed is important when getting a working capital loan, that’s why we work at the fast pace of your business not at the crawl of the banks. Most often, your business can get a working capital loan approved within 24 hours and obtain funding in days, provided you can demonstrate a solid cash flow through bank statements and have been open for business 3 months or longer.

While large banks tend to decline small businesses for a credit score that’s less than ideal, Ironwood Finance strongly believes that a small business with a solid credit card receivables record and healthy cash flow should be backed with working capital funding to expand its business.

Merchant Cash Advance

Another way to acquire working capital is through a merchant cash advance, which is not considered a loan. Rather, it’s an acquisition of a portion of future expected credit card receivables. A merchant cash advance from Ironwood Finance helps you to turn


future sales into cash today, giving you much-needed working capital to purchase inventory, hire employees, and increase marketing. In a nutshell, it helps you grow your business. Pursuant to a merchant cash advance, you are offered a given lump sum of money that is repaid based upon a mutually agreed upon payment option and percentage of your business credit card receivables.

You’ve put too much time, hard work, and energy into your business to let a cash crunch be an obstacle to success and growth. We can help.

Applying for a working capital loan or a merchant cash advance with Ironwood Finance is easy, fast, and free. We offer an Online Application to get started. Or, if you prefer, you can call us directly at 361-589-9719 to discuss the many financing options available. We look forward to hearing from you.



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