Salon Spa Financing


Cash flow and financing are a major contributing factor to the success of a small business or new startup.

Salons and Spas as an industry are dominated by small business owners doing their best to provide the luxury comforts their clients demand.  From hair coloring  to massage and day spas, we’ve worked with them all.

One of the problems that a salon or a day spa will often run into is cash flow issues.  You may not have the short term cash on hand to cover expenses that have to be met, and right now!

Small business loans or short term cash loans can help your company retain strength and security through normal market swings.  No matter how established your business may be, it needs to be maintained and updated frequently in order to retain the clients you have worked so hard to get.  Salon and day spa owners face special challenges because they constantly have to engage their clients with something new, unique, and different.  Of course everything comes at a cost, and cash is necessary to make it happen.

The upside to all this work is that your clients notice.  They are paying attention and will repay you with loyalty if you do everything you can to provide them with the experience they seek.  But again, it all comes down to cash on hand….

This is where spas and salons can gain an advantage with Ironwood Finance.  Because we can provide that short term cash injection you need, right now!  Our application only takes a few minutes and we often reply with our approvals in about two hours.  You could have the cash on hand that you need by tomorrow morning!

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